Navigate Transformational Change and Grow

To navigate change successfully – and to grow sustainably – you need employees, customers, investors and others engaged, aligned and on board. How do you do it? Consistent, effective communication.

make deals successful

How leaders choose to communicate during a merger is key to realizing the value of the deal

make projects successful

For every $1B spent on capital projects, ~$75M is at risk due to ineffective communication

implement technologies

Poor communication impacts 94% of new tech users costing $13k/employee each year

Supercharge Culture

Culture drives results. If you communicate well, you can foster innovation and productivity; collaborate and share best practices; enable effective customer service; and much more.

please shareholders

Companies that communicate effectively provide shareholder returns of 7.9% (vs. just 2.1%)

innovate and create

Culture is a much more important driver of innovation than skilled labor, capital spend or regulatory environment

enhance productivity

Employees who are connected to one another via effective communication are 20-25% more productive

Engage Employees

Employee engagement is directly related to business performance…and communication drives engagement

grow and succeed

Organizations with highly-engaged employees see 3-year revenue growth of 20.1% (vs. avg. 8.9% rate)

increase profitability

Work units in the top quartile in employee engagement are more productive (+21%) and profitable (+22%)

develop relationships

The relationship between employee and supervisor is a key driver of engagement and fueled by communication

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