Change happens. It's time to get better at managing it.

We’ve developed a library of free resources to help make managing change within your organization easier and more successful

100 Changes That Need to Be Managed

All changes – big and small – can send your organization off the rails. Don’t let them.

10 Questions to Answer Before Announcing A Change

Make sure you know the answer to these questions before you announce a change.

5 Tips for Communicators

Five tips to help convince your leadership that they should embrace change communication.

3 Tips

How to say 'no' so you can stay sane and prioritize work.

Communication Enables change

To navigate change successfully you need all audiences engaged, aligned and on board.

5 Tips to Supercharge your Resume

Become a change agent & earn the ability to use these five differentiating tips to supercharge your resume or LinkedIn profile.

Checklist for Managers

If you want to lead people, drive change and meet your objectives, you need to model the right behaviors consistently.

Performance Review Discussion Guide

Use this guide when conducting an annual performance review with a superstar employee.

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