Practical, repeatable and scalable solutions

Lean Out Communications specializes in helping organizations across all industries navigate change and meet growth objectives with practical, repeatable and scalable solutions.

We offer a host of options to get you where you need to be—from traditional strategic communications to online training and everything in between. Our solutions are tailored to your unique needs, and we work together to identify the right solutions for you.

Our goal: help you find the sweet spot where you can achieve your change and growth objectives, engage your key audiences and get the most out of your investments, without adding significant new staff, technology or agency costs.

Strategic Communications and Change Consulting

Lean Out Communications helps you plan, implement and sustain successful change initiatives, and we provide practical strategic communications solutions and promotional plans to meet your growth objectives.

We’ll talk to your key stakeholders to assess your organization’s readiness to change, evolve and grow sustainably, then we’ll develop tailored solutions to get you where you need to be:

  • Communication frameworks to ensure you’re talking to the right people at the right time
  • Communication strategies, messaging platforms and plans to ensure all of your internal and external stakeholders are aligned and ready to evolve
  • Capability building to get your managers or others ready to accept, implement and effect change
  • Process plans so you can communicate, build brands and engage key stakeholders reliably and consistently
  • Traditional communications support, including PR, copy writing, internal and external communications, marketing communications and more, all with an emphasis on practicality.

Our goal is to provide you with the communications strategies, tactical plans and capabilities you need to drive sustainable business improvements…and to give you a firm foundation so you can grow and scale.

Communication Project Management

Our team has significant experience leading change communication efforts relating to M&A, operational footprint transformations, corporate and product rebranding, pricing initiatives, lean implementations, product launches, corporate restructuring, and more.

We apply our proven practical approach to ensure that all of your critical stakeholders – customers, employees, investors, suppliers, communities, etc. – are fully engaged in change initiatives and on board with your objectives.

We’ll work side-by-side with your project implementation team to make sure they’re engaging the right people at the right time to make a change successful. We’ll help them build communication plans, convene meetings, interface with functional experts … anything we need to do to make sure your change initiative makes the grade.

If you don’t have a team in place to drive a change, no worries, we can do that too. If you have a robust team in place ready to do the job, we’ll support them with messaging, training and counsel as needed.

Training and Coaching

Lean Out Communications offers a full slate of communication training programs with our unique approach: We teach you how to do more with less, how to stay agile and engaged, and how to communicate effectively while containing costs. Each program is tailored to your unique needs.

Training Formats Include:

  • On-site training programs (group training or one-on-one coaching)
  • Online courses
  • On-demand training: We will develop a training program to meet your specific needs

Training Topics Include:

  • Practical change communication
  • Preparing for and leading change for managers or leaders
  • Facilitating innovation through communication
  • Positioning new leaders for success
  • Managing crises
  • Facilitating change through clear communication
  • Project communication planning and implementation
  • Media relations (proactive and reactive)
  • Building and implementing a practical community relations program
  • Reducing costs and driving performance through vendor selection and management
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