Change can be risky. Are you ready?

Three out of every four change efforts fail to deliver anticipated benefits or are abandoned entirely. Why is that?

Often, organizations just aren’t ready to make, implement and sustain the changes necessary to grow and succeed. They don’t have the proper groundwork laid, or the right capabilities in place to handle the consistent evolution that is required to compete. That’s where we come in.

We help you make changes successful 
so you can grow sustainably

Lean Out Communications is a trusted management consulting firm that empowers you to navigate change and grow sustainably. We use a proven collaborative process to help you engage your key stakeholders with practical, repeatable and scalable solutions, tailored to your reality, so you can meet your unique objectives. 

We’ve spent our careers helping organizations across multiple industries achieve the anticipated benefits of their change objectives, while putting in place the building blocks of sustainable growth.

We’ve seen and done it all (and often, all at once).

Transformative corporate change

M&A; Strategy shifts; Pivots to innovation; Personnel changes; Global footprint optimizations; lean implementations; corporate and product rebrands; new product launches; value pricing initiatives; commercial strategy evolution


We help build the processes and cultures necessary for growth that is sustainable and scalable.

Stakeholder engagement; meeting cadence; commercial process; corporate messaging and culture building


Technology implementation

Change readiness or hands-on project management:

ERP systems; CRM platforms; New websites or intranets; Changes to e-mail platforms, telecommunications or HR systems

Our Process

We’ve developed a unique practical approach to facilitate successful corporate evolution

Our goal is to help make your changes successful—quickly—without needing to add staff or rely on complex technologies or frameworks, and to position you for sustainable growth. 

This is the value we bring to our clients.

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